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DG Message

May I welcome you all, parents,staff an students to a new academic year. While I am proud to say that last year was a successful year at SIGS on all the stages, I must, however, emphasize that our quest to improve and fine-tune continues.

 Here at SIGS it is an on-going commitment, a continuous trust not only to attain academic education for our students but first and foremost to reach the highest level of civility
 Tarbia ( an all-encompassing term peculiar to the Arabic Language) is the very essence and spirit of education. For only through proper Tarbiya can we hope to mold our young students into mature and capable men and women of the future fully qualified to assume their rightful station in society and realize their ambitions.
In our quest to instill the principles of Tarbiya, along side regular academic education, in our students and staff alike, SIGS is privileged to be endowed with a multitude of cultural backgrounds. Management, academic staff, administrators and students come to SIGS from different parts of the world bringing with them a host of cultural currents where, at SIGS, they blend and co-exist in harmony and reciprocity. Thus creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere of learning through diversity. .